Natalia Podolskaya told about the problems in education of the son

Наталья Подольская рассказала о проблемах в воспитании сына In December, the heir to the star couple will celebrate a half years. Natalia Podolskaya and her husband Vladimir Presnyakov love their adorable son. In a recent interview, the actress candidly spoke about how growing Artemia.

      Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov – the parents of an adorable little boy named Artem. The couple doted in his heir, who grows very smart and gifted. Celebrity couple recently gave an interview in which he told about the child’s upbringing. In recognition of Natalia, the first year of baby’s life was the most difficult. Celebrities helped medical specialist, who was constantly on the phone with them.

      Natalia Podolskaya: “I’m still sorry to mom”

      In December Artemia will be a year and a half. He gladly communicates with loved ones. Natalia shared that the boy knows words like “Mama”, “Papa”, “Baba” and “Nana.” When kid is pressed to the singer, she feels the happiest person in the world. The actress loves to babysit the child. Sometimes Natalia expresses so much love for him that her husband affectionately uttered. “But before two years, definitely need to take hands, and then really look!” explains Podolsky.

      The singer also told about the character of Artemis. According to Natalia, the boy grows quite stubborn and strict. His star mom is not always possible to find an approach to it. In such cases, help comes Podolsk her beloved husband.

      “I hope, that he will exercise rigor. The character Themes are very demanding, stubborn, he will have to negotiate, he will have some explaining to do. But something – just to make a point. And I may not have enough durability. But Dylan hates the whims, capriciousness. He in these matters is very strict. So I think dad will do it. I have even now, when the Subject eats poorly, there’s a magic phrase: “I’m going to tell dad about,” shared Natalie with journalists.

      Recall that the heir Presnyakov and Podolsky came to light in June last year. It is noteworthy that the happy event in the lives of the artists occurred in the five-year anniversary of their wedding. Celebrities admit that they have waited long enough for the replenishment in the family. “We begged. And we’ve come such a long way that God has given us such happiness,” he shared Podolsky with the publication of “7 days”.

      Note also that the eldest son of Nicholas Nikita Presnyakov was born in the year of the Goat. His younger brother also represents this sign on East horoscope. Happy father finds Nikita and Artem really resemble each other.