Наталья Подольская: «Сын привык, что родители постоянно отсутствуют» Natalia Podolskaya told about peculiarities of a child’s upbringing. The star does not deny that she was often absent due to concerts, but despite this, she tries to give maximum attention of three Artemia.
Наталья Подольская: «Сын привык, что родители постоянно отсутствуют»

For eight years, Natalia Podolskaya happily married to Vladimir Presnyakov. The couple has three sons and Artemis do not get tired to tell about how much the boy had changed their lives.

Now star parents spend with him every minute, but due to constant touring they are not always able to give heir attention.

Now, Presnyakov and Podolskaya located in Baku, at the festival of Heat. According to 36-year-old Natalia, son of long-resigned to the fact that mom and dad often away from home. The boy is always waiting for the return of their parents, because they always bring him toys and gifts.

“The son was used to having mom and dad sometimes do not exist. We bring him gifts. He has favorite toys: cars, spider-Man, and all that. While we are gone, he stays with my mother and nanny,” — said Natalia “StarHit” backstage “Heat”.
Наталья Подольская: «Сын привык, что родители постоянно отсутствуют»

Podolsky does not hide: her work schedule painted for months forward. Artist gives several concerts a week, often performing on stage together with her husband. This busy schedule did not bother the star, because she sincerely loves what he does.

Festival “Heat” Natalia was also in great demand. She noted that the organization of the event is at a very high level.

“I’m flattered by the scale of all the action, I like organization. The day yesterday was very difficult. I had three shooting and carpet. But I’m pleased so many did. Yesterday I attended the concert of a spouse, and also sang a solo song. Since we are on vacation is already gone, now we are waiting for work. I will soon release a new song, we will shoot a new clip”, — Natalya told about the creative plans.

According to fans, Podolsky manages to perfectly combine work and motherhood. Sometimes small Artemy accompany their parents during concerts, but it is not known if the boy shows interest in music. It is likely that in the future heir to a famous dynasty will also be an artist. At least, that he’s got all the features.

Itself Natalia is in no hurry with the choice of profession for his son. She believes that the boy should enjoy his childhood and socializing with peers, and Vladimir at all supportive of his wise wife.