Natalia Podolskaya terribly homesick for child

Наталья Подольская страшно тоскует по ребенку Singer save videos with the participation of the Themes in her phone. Natalia Podolskaya and her husband Vladimir Presnyakov went on a short tour to Cyprus. Star mom admits that in one day had terribly bored for eight month old son.

      Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov try not to part with his only and long-awaited son Artemy. The baby literally from the first months of life, accompanied by their celebrity parents on all trips. – Year-old boy during their short life I have visited in several countries. However, before the couple had to leave Artemis house, and to go on tour to Cyprus. For some reason, they didn’t take his son with him, Podolsky and Presnyakov does not say, but it is obvious that the separation from a beloved heir is given to them is not easy. Particularly concerned about young mom Natalia Podolskaya. Just one day she got terribly bored at the baby. The singer saved by the fact that Artemia is viewing videos on your phone.

      The video, which her son danced to the accompaniment of the piano, the star has published in the microblog. Apparently, the video was recorded in summer, during the joint rest of the famous family.

      “When I’m not around you, save the video in the phone… my son. And how are you, mom?”, commented on the story of Natalia Podolskaya.

      As it turned out, so do many moms who are forced to part with their kids. “So cute. Look like dad” “Boo! My adults talk about as well”, “What a sweet simpatyulya, grow big to the delight of mom and dad”, “Baby, just lovely. We have the same thing. Only save old video, and travel video for you”, “We have rarely parted, and a maximum of half a day, but the video from the archive love to revise!”, – share with Natalia Podolskaya its subscribers will, still little touched Topic.

      It is worth noting that Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov only recently unveiled the face of his son. They are almost a year and a half kept the suspense by showing only heir back or half-side. Most fans Presnyakov came to the conclusion that the child – a copy of his grandmother Elena Presnakova. Some fans of Vladimir found that Artemia smiles exactly like his mom. Natalia Podolskaya dared to show his face son

      Recall that the successor of the star couple was born in June of 2015. Arseny was a long-awaited child. It is noteworthy that the boy was born on the day of the fifth anniversary of the wedding of their parents.