Natalia Podolskaya tends to be like my mother in law

Наталья Подольская стремится стать похожей на свою свекровь
The singer confessed his love to his parents, Vladimir Presnyakov.

Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior with wife Elena and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. and his wife Natalia Podolsky

Photo: @nataliapodolskaya Instagram of Natalia Podolskaya

Natalia Podolskaya touching congratulated the parents of her husband, Vladimir Presnyakov with an important date: the 50th anniversary of family life. On the occasion of the “Golden wedding” Presnyakov Sr. and his wife Elena, the singer admitted that wants to live such a long and happy life with her husband. To achieve this, Natalia is trying to be like my mother in law. “Today our parents are celebrating 50 years from the day of the wedding. Want to be leveled! Love it!” — wrote Natalia. By the way, the Presnyakov also congratulated their parents through social networks.

Personally congratulations to the singer with her husband can only transmit on returning from his vacation. Not so long ago Podilskyi husband flew to the United Arab Emirates. This time Natalia and Vladimir took his year-old son Artyom on a journey. Judging by the pictures, the child is delighted with the sudden change of climate, he almost spends all day with mom and dad by the water.

By the way, recently Elena and Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior became the heroes of the show “Alone with all” which talked about how hard was the birth of first child Podolsk. “The joy that he was born! They have been waiting for! Natasha has already toured all of Israel whole and Holy communion — said Elena. — Begged the child. He’s so cool, so cool! If he can do red hair, it is a copy of Nikita!”