Наталья Подольская еще не привыкла к роли матери
The singer has some questions to their main role in life.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov’s son

Photo: Instagram.com

The son of Polish Natalia and Vladimir Presnyakov all year, and parents
still not used to his new role. The singer shares his feelings
about motherhood, sometimes asks about unusual sensations in their fans
but increasingly, flashed the phrase about what a baby she is too
dependent on him.

“I think how my life changed with the birth of Artem. One
hand, I try to be with him every minute of my life with him
life. On the other hand, I enjoyed their absences: touring, filming, —
says Podolsky. But how I miss him. Now my main occupation —
this scrolling of photos and videos in my
the phone and the monitoring Topic on home camera — special outlet. And here I am
interesting. It is forever? Such a sweet feeling of absolute freedom . Or over time
will be a little lower?”

Note that Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov very
nurturing to my son. The star couple kept busy
the development of Artemia, which can not give their “fruits”. Thus, recently became
it is known that the son of singing the couple opened an unusual talent. Artemy,
who has just recently turned one year old, learned to swim and dive!

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