Наталья Подольская: «Меня спасают жесткие разгрузочные дни»
The singer shared personal beauty secrets.

Наталья Подольская: «Меня спасают жесткие разгрузочные дни»

Natalia Podolskaya

Photo: Elena Sukhova

“I’m a Taurus by horoscope and
love to eat — says Podolsky. — Allow yourself and the sweet, and
sausage, and other forbidden pleasures. Delicious food always makes me

And yet despite all the excesses, the singer manages to stay slim and toned. And 11 pounds
which she gained during her pregnancy, managed to lose almost immediately. This is due to the fact that after the birth she quickly returned to normal, very active lifestyle. And maintain weight helped diet for nursing moms, which she adhered to for several months. “It is quite severe: while feeding the baby, you need
to exclude from the menu of cabbage, radish, bell peppers, corn, cucumbers, grapes,
legumes, rye bread, confectionery, spices. It is desirable that in the diet
fresh salads, vegetable stews and soups. To prefer better dim
vegetables — green, white, as red and orange colors can
cause allergies”, — said Natalia.

Today, when on diet, it does not go,
Podil’s’kyi resorted to extra proven ways to get rid of excess weight.
“When it happens that I need to lose two or three pounds — it happens
associated with filming, touring, — I’m having a strict fasting day
or two: eat nothing, drink only water, — says the singer. — If before an important event I have
three or four days, then just try to eat dinner no later than seven PM. This is
enough to lose weight.

and childbirth permanently distracted Natalia from the sport. Only recently she returned to
training. And chose something completely new. “I tried the system
Fit’n Go: engaged in special, weighing in at two pounds, suit,
which are connected to the electrodes. During classes under the supervision of a coach
perform regular exercise, but no gym equipment. For example, mimic
raising the rod without the rod itself. This, incidentally, is insanely difficult: 25-30 minutes
workout replace four hours of hard work on conventional machines.
The result is stunning: worked out all muscle, is made of the topography of the body, all
pulled up.

About other beauty secrets Natalia Podolsk available here.

Natalia Podolskaya

Photo: Instagram.com

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