Natalia Podolskaya Presnyakov about the senior: “Petrovich is on the mend!”

Наталья Подольская о Преснякове-старшем: «Петрович идет на поправку!»
The singer told details about the health of his father-in-law.

I called them meatballs for Petrovich ? please don’t worry! Petrovich is on the mend! Give all regards?

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Natalia Podolskaya from the first days of acquaintance with Vladimir
Presnyakov became his family’s “own”. The father of the musician, Presnyakov-senior,
love calls her daughter, and Natasha doted beloved father-in-law. Now
when Vladimir Petrovich heals in the hospital, where he was from
a heart attack, Podolski prepares himself and takes him home dinners. Artist
shared a photo of one of these treats and signed picture: “I called
their meatballs for Petrovich! Please don’t worry! Petrovich goes on
amendment! Give all regards”.

We will remind, at the moment condition
Vladimir Petrovich was stabilized. It feels
satisfactorily. The artist has enough strength to answer the phone, read
letters fans excited and even write posts in social networks.

“My dear friends and girlfriends! — he wrote in
your account Facebook. — It so happened that I had a heart attack! Well,
what happened happened! The wonderful doctors did everything necessary and I
much better! I am very touched by your very warm attitude to me and your
wishes of recovery! But believe me, it became hard to read hundreds and hundreds of
your letters and I read them… Life goes on, my dear, and I her
party! With love to all of you! Your Petrovich!”

Is in the hospital Presnyakov-senior
for a week. The first days the artist spent in intensive care under the watchful
the best doctors Metropolitan hospital, in which he was brought in by EMS
help. On the days of Vladimir Petrovich was transferred to a regular ward, where doctors
continue treatment of honored artist of Russia. Relatives and friends were allowed
to visit the patient, but “without fanaticism.” Fans wish Vladimir Petrovich
for a speedy recovery.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov-senior