Natalia Podolskaya: “I’m still sorry to mom”

Наталья Подольская: «Мне до сих пор стыдно перед мамой» The singer told “StarHit”, as relatives involved in her relationship with her husband. Justin Bieber gets angry when arguing with her husband Vladimir Presnyakov her mother stands on the side of-in-law.

      Наталья Подольская: «Мне до сих пор стыдно перед мамой»

      On the last Sunday of autumn, November 27, Russia celebrates mother’s Day. The star of the show “Just exactly” on “the First channel” Natalia Podolskaya told the “StarHit”, for which she is still ashamed in front of mom, because of what happen in the family quarrels and as Nina Antonovna helps in the upbringing of his son.


      Great sacrifices

      – In the childhood parents have for us is clearly divided on the basis of “good” COP and “bad”. Dad was strict, he was afraid, and my mother is a kind, sweet, favorite. I’m always bored. Even when I became older and I was sent to the camp, there were tantrums from the boredom. She came here as a witch took the daughter ahead of time.

      Mom was a twin sister of Julia the elder and Tanya all. She took me to study singing at the age of 9, feeling that love for music should be developed. Spend money on sewing of concert suits to daughter could participate in contests. Managed in everyday terms, something to learn: to cook, to wash dishes, to restore order. But the fact that I became an artist is my mother’s merit. Very grateful to her for that, and the Pope – for not interfere. He believed that creativity is a futile exercise. Of course, from an early age I imagined myself a famous singer: wore evening dresses from the parent Cabinet, the top silver Fox fur, wear this, stand in high heels. Mom laughed, but not abused.

      Наталья Подольская: «Мне до сих пор стыдно перед мамой»

      Our family was big. But I was never jealous of the parents to the sisters: it was decided that the mother, Natasha’s, privatized. Her knees were always in my possession. One day, however, mom felt sorry Julia: I always sit on her hands, and sister – no. And she said, “Natasha, you’ll be next, and I’ll take Julia”. But my sister with a sacrificial face turned and said: “No, mom, let sit, and then will cry”. Of course, though we were friendly, often quarreled, fought for each other’s hair pulled. For example, I could not demand to take Yulia’s clothes – and she was pissed at me. But the parents we were raised in such a way that closer than we are to each other, no one. Tanya, she’s nine years older, helped her parents, walked with a huge stroller, fed, bathed, doing the lessons with us. I then tinkered with his younger brother Andrew, from his second marriage Pope. He is now 17, going to College in Belarus. He often comes to visit in the summer having a rest at the sea.

      Certainly, there are things for which I am still ashamed in front of mom. A small, somehow stole her amber earrings that she liked were expensive. Took it to kindergarten to play, where they disappeared. The second point – my sister and I sometimes lied to my mom. Until the age of majority we strictly supposed to be home until 10 PM. This rule was introduced by the dad and mom complied. The girls also wanted to disco, especially as friends was possible. We were going to sleep with him, and ran out. Later, however, confessed to the crime, and my mother was surprised, because they believed us. Didn’t think we make a fool of her.

      On the same wavelength

      With 17 years I started working to get money and was very proud to have stopped asking for pocket money. Quietly began to contain himself, but now, I can say that I and mum-the pensioner financial provide. Happy that there is such a possibility. I love to spoil, driving to the shops, to send to rest. She was modest, never asked, but then quickly enters into the taste. Love her dress, it happens, buy and give her the dress. Mommy likes cultural life – theatres, cinemas. Recently I was at a concert Sergey Zhilin’s where we with Vova were also, took from the organizers for her ticket.

      Volodya mother accepted immediately. They are two of Aries, on the same page. The husband asked permission to call the mother-in-law is not on my name, and my mother and you. Of course, as in any family, in our quarrels happen, too: usually on the grounds that the mother excessively spoils their favorite grandson. But I especially hate it when during our Vova “showdown” mother stands on the side of her husband. I use it in every glaring, looking askance. Then can not withstand the double attack, saying: “Well, not when mom will decide”. Of course, it should not be a witness of misunderstandings, she gets embarrassed, she immediately to protect Vova.
      Наталья Подольская: «Мне до сих пор стыдно перед мамой»

      My mother and I are still close. When my son was born, she moved from Mogilev, came to live with us. Very helpful, especially when my husband and I fly on tour – stays with her grandson. Grandmother overly protective of the Subject, always trying harder to wrap up, collecting on the street, warmer water in the tub. I would like to son was tempered. Mom is clearly watching his regime hasten rather to be put to sleep, oversees the supervision of her grandson to the clinic. Our pediatrician is from the “Mother and child. Southwest” priezjaite house, like all other doctors for tests, examinations. It’s great makes life easier. In domestic matters, the mother is also the indispensable man in charge of the garden, a dishwasher. In his free time talking with friends, including mom and Vova. They call on all the holidays, Helena Petrovna often comes to visit. By nature different, but both good, I love to laugh. And here’s a joint passion came in the form of Theme – grandson loves them both.