Наталья Подольская показала лицо сына
The singer says that Artemije is the spitting image of dad.

Elena and Vladimir Presnyakov

Photo: Facebook

In early June Artemy — the son of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. turned one year. But still none of the fans have not seen the boy’s face. Star parents prefer to publish photographs of her son from the back or side. But everyone is interested in who a similar Theme?

“I can’t explain, why not show the face of the Topic — says Podolsky. — But anyway he is your daddy. I love the bottom presnyakovs Guben!” (Smiles).

Photos of Artemis Natalia did not dare to publish in his personal blog, but she found the archival photo where the little Vova, apparently something offended, goes with her mother, Elena Presnyakova, on the beach. Podolsky says that in this photo Vova and Theme — just one person!

By the way, Natasha’s fans supported the singer, it is not necessary ahead of time to show the baby to the public. “And jinx it!” — agreed, subscriber’s personal blog Podolsk.

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