Natalia Podolskaya has provoked rumors about the pregnancy

Наталья Подольская спровоцировала слухи о беременности Fans discuss the changing figure of the singer. The new Podilsky in a white dress aroused the suspicions of followers. According to many, the actress is preparing to become a mother for the second time.
Наталья Подольская спровоцировала слухи о беременности

The last picture in the microblog Natalia Podolsky has caused a lot of questions from her fans. The photograph of the singer posing in an elegant white dress, decorated with lace and fringe. Followers of the actress praised her good taste, but could not ignore the changed shape of the star. Some social network users suspect that a celebrity is going to be a mom.

“Pregnant?”, “Yeah, something like tummy bulges”, “Theme SIS needed! So that, God forbid!” – said in comments to a snapshot subscribers Natalia.

Podolsky tired to justify to the followers, who almost every two months, attributed to her interesting position. Other images show that the star looks amazing in a swimsuit and can be proud of, flat belly. Particularly sharp-eyed netizens noted that the white dress was made a few months ago. Natalia Podolskaya boasted a figure in a bikini

Currently the actress is resting together with her husband Vladimir Presnyakov and son Artem in Spain. At the resort the couple are having a great time. They enjoy local culinary delights and spend a lot of time on the beach. A few days ago they managed to escape to the French Riviera, where the wedding of their friends, businessman Yuri Crimean and his lady Natalia Gorevoy.

Recall Presnyakov repeatedly said that dreams about the birth of his daughter. The actor gets along well with his son from his first marriage Nikita, and when it falls the opportunity to see the heir or even rehearsing with him. Presnyakov Jr. followed in the footsteps of his father. The guy plays in a band “MULTIVERSE”. The second son of Vladimir, the Topic often becomes the hero of the movies in his microblog. Man shares how the boy develops and that he is interested in.

Fans of the pair admire the idyll that reigns in their family. The singer claims that he tries to give joy to your beloved woman every day. Vladimir Presnyakov: “Now I want a daughter”

“The day of the wedding the lady that checked us in, said women love flowers not only on special occasions. And more words every day. They any noodles will forgive you if you present beautifully. And the wife should always compliment her husband. And it’s the absolute truth. We Party Wake up, and most importantly for me – to see her smile” – speaks of the wife of Vladimir Presnyakov.