Наталья Подольская намекнула на вторую беременность

Over the weekend Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior has celebrated anniversary – 70 years.

In this important holiday, Vladimir Petrovich congratulated many of his colleagues and friends. Of course, not without wishes of health and happiness from the family, in particular daughters-in-law Natalia Podolsky. With the help of social networks, the singer turned to the father-in-law and congratulated him on an important date, and also hinted at the birth of another grandson.

“My dear Petrovich, daddy! Congrats on the anniversary!!! 70 years old! I can’t believe it!!! They say, in the anniversary, people love to sum up. The way I see it… a Talented musician realized in the profession! Petrovich, excuse for pathos, but not in our country the person that You would not respect! Beloved husband, ashamed to say with what experience! You father, who are terribly proud son (and I)! And happy grandpa 2 times, and there we will look”, — wrote Natalia. Special attention subscribers the singer turned on the last phrase and suggested that her second pregnancy is not far off.

Recall now Podolsky and her husband Vladimir Presnyakov has a son of Artemis, who was born the summer of last year.


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