Наталья Подольская похвасталась впечатляющими успехами сына
A year-old child has already started serious training.

Vladimir Presnyakov and his wife Natalia Podolsky and son Artemy

Photo: @nataliapodolskaya (Instagram Natalia Podolsky)

Natalia Podolsky and
Vladimir Presnyakov is very nurturing to my son. Celebrity couple
always engaged in the development of Artemia, which can not give their “fruits”. So,
recently it became known that the son of singing the couple opened an unusual talent. Artemy,
who has just recently turned one year old, learned to swim and dive!

Some time ago the star family went on holiday to Spain. It was there that the son of Natalia and Vladimir appeared first achievements in the development of swimming. In his microblog singer published a picture, depicting one of the “heats” of Artemis. On the photo was also hit and his father, Vladimir, who, as it seemed the fans was a little nervous because of the unusual underwater stunts a young son. By the way, in the comments to the photo between podeschi dispute broke out about whether to allow a baby to dive.

By the way, just recently, a similar achievement daughter boasted Tatiana Navka. The video, published in the microblog skater, it is clear that the two-year Nadia already knows how to not only dive, but also to swim a few meters.

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