Natalia Podolskaya eat anything and not gain weight

Наталья Подольская ест все подряд и не толстеет

Singer, participant of the show “Toch-V-Toch” shared their regime.

Natasha is a young mother who devotes much time to the son, but is constantly working, touring and festivals. And look Podolsky after birth became even better than before pregnancy. How does she do it, we asked the singer.

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The rise

Actually I’m a night owl. But with the birth of a son to become a morning person. How many Wake up totally depends on the Topic. Usually 6:30 – 7:00.


The morning sports activity there. Periods go to the gym: one month visit two month. Engaged on a particular system, when the exercises are performed in a special suit with electrodes that Zap.


In the morning drink a Cup of coffee and be sure to eat something cheese: casserole, cheese cakes.

Useful work

The work I have irregular. But I try to plan the schedule so that one day be given to rehearsals, recordings and filming, and the second to spend at home with the child.


Containers with prepared food to go don’t drive. If you are outside the house can eat in the restaurant. Order a steak with salad, love the soups. Try to eat right and to finally wean myself off of the desserts.


Just finished “the Forsyte Saga” by John Galsworthy.

Free time

All the free time to devote to the Subject. Now we like to play catch-up. I slowly begin to chase son around the house, he runs away, and when I catch up, we laugh together.


Try not to eat after 19:00. Up to this point to eat anything.

Lights out

After tucking the boy, make daily phone communication with his sister, then look Volodya some movie. Fall asleep around twelve – the first half of the night.