Natalia Podolskaya dared to show his face son

Наталья Подольская осмелилась показать лицо сына Fans found that Artemia is similar to the grandmother on the dad. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov published a family picture in which their heir can be seen in the reflection in the mirror. Star parents slowly reveal the intrigue that has lasted for almost half a year.

      The first-born star couple Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov Artemia in a month will already be a year and a half. All this time the parents tried not to disappoint his fans and was open, speaking about his successor, but at the same time showing the baby to the public only back or sideways. Podolsky and Presnyakov chose these angles for photos, which was impossible to evaluate the appearance of their only son. But before mom and dad Artemia was given to understand that close to to demonstrate to the public, on whom the child is like.

      Natalia Podolskaya was published in the microblog cute home that the friendly family captured near the mirror. Father and son turned to the camera back, but due to the reflection of fans have the opportunity to consider face little Theme. “Mom, dad, I – happy family”, – has signed a frame Natalya.

      Photography has led subscribers Podolsky, affection and admiration. They immediately suggested that the baby looks like her grandmother, dad, Elena Presnyakov.

      “What a great Theme already, It’s so fast time flies. You have already won some heroes,” “Already see what on a woman like Lena!”, “Cute boy and his loving parents! Well done!”, such comments leave followers Natalia Podolsky.

      By the way, not without a very popular among the fans of the couple topics upcoming replenishment in the family. Seeing the hair of the baby, fans said that it’s a sure sign that Podolsky and Presnyakov second child will be a girl. “That’s Cosima synuli on the back of the head! People say, if the older pigtail at the back, youngest daughter is born”, “my son was also on the back of the hair braid. Say it to her little sister, we sign has come true! Wait daughter!”, – are followers of the singer.

      It is worth noting that over the past few months fans have several times suspected Natalia Podolskaya in pregnancy. Fans discuss the interesting position of Natalia Podolskaya

      Periodically the star refutes the speculation about the future addition to their family, though neither she nor Vladimir Presnyakov never hid that longed to give my son a brother or sister.