Наталья Подольская прилетела в Китай на выпускной племянницы
At the ceremony gathered the whole family of the singer.

Natalia Podolskaya together with the sister with Julianna
flew to China to attend the high school graduation of his native
niece. It turns out that the daughter of their eldest sister Tatiana, Natalia graduated from the prestigious
UNIVERSITY in Shanghai and today has become a graduate. All star family, including the grandmother, decided to congratulate
a girl with such a significant in her life event.

Mom Natalia Podolsky raised four children: Natalia, Juliana,
Tatiana and Andrew. At full strength the family meets rarely, but this case is special. And
here are your Gemini — Natalie and Juliana — inseparable. They have vacation
they frequently visit each other. Even my sister’s kids gave birth to almost
at the same time. June 5, 2015 Natalia gave birth to a son of Artemis, and two months later
Juliana became the mother of the twins, Anastasia and Alexandra.

Natalia was one of the
the first who saw the crumbs — it was already in the hospital. “How could sister I
supported, — said the singer. — I was not in the chamber, which hosted
birth, and in the next. And when she and Sasha were born, they were taken to children’s
office, I followed them. Both picked up. There’s a connection.
If one cries, the other immediately picks up. One will calm down immediately
calm down a second. All as my sister”.