Natalia Podolskaya boasted to his son’s success

Наталья Подольская похвалилась успехами сына
The singer boasts a small Topic.

Наталья Подольская похвалилась успехами сына

Natalia Podolsky and Polina Gagarina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya and her son Artemy

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Two young mothers, vstretivshis secular prize, could not talk about their children. Natalia Podolskaya told me that she and her husband Vladimir Presnyakov meet in January to Austria on a ski resort and take a two year old son.

“Temochka we have very athletic. Twice a week in the pool and already swims — admired singer. — Now I want to put it on skis”. Polina Gagarina with her husband and daughter MIA for the winter holidays will remain in Russia.

“We will have a quiet family holiday in the country, — says the star. — Fresh frosty air is incredibly useful, so let a lot of walking. MIA makes us very happy and knows all that is necessary to the children at eight months of age. And his first word, “daddy” she said back in six months!”

The accomplishments of their children, the singer shared with each other on the Russian national music award, founded by Mikhail Gutseriev and Igor Krutoy.