Natalia Podolskaya boasted a figure in a bikini

Наталья Подольская похвасталась фигурой в бикини The singer, along with family having fun at one of the resorts in Spain. Justin Bieber shared with fans in Instagram photo from the beach. In it she poses in a revealing swimsuit.

Natalia Podolskaya is trying to give equal time to the amount of time and career, and family. She has admitted that she loves to be alone with family and loved ones, to not think about anything else. Perhaps that is why together with her husband Vladimir Presnyakov and son Artemy woman went on holiday to Spain. In addition to romantic walks, gatherings in cafes and swim in the sea, the young mother spends time with the heir. So, she shared the frame where playing with a boy on one of the beaches of the resort. The actress is dressed in a skimpy bikini, showing her beautiful form.

“We have a Theme here of cases does not alter. No water to carry the sand not to dig” – succinctly signed the star.

Users of the social network was left in awe from touching the picture. However, the more attention they drew to the gorgeous figure of the celebrity. Some followers Natalia noted that the results of good nutrition and an active lifestyle significantly affect the body of the idol. Fans left comments to the post pet compliments and words of admiration in her address.

“The party dlinnonozhka!”, “Like” and “Natasha beauty”, “what legs! Yes, and Breasts, and tummy all fit and very beautiful! You are good, you just watch yourself. With the figure you are lucky, of course. Everything is super!”, “Really like as a singer and now as a mommy. It’s great when after delivery of the form remain the same. You need to deal with them. Some do not, and for you once everything is clear and in sight” – spoken by fans.

In spite of the natural data, Podolsky adheres to the correct diet and carefully monitoring your diet. In addition, from time to time the woman is trying to spoil a useful refinements and wife. Not so long ago, it pleased him a romantic dinner. The singer made the beloved red fish and steamed vegetables. However, in one interview admitted that still allows himself a little weakness. For example, on the birthday of the son – the eighth of June, Artyom two years – the actress ate two piece of birthday cake in the evening and one for morning of the next day.