Natalia Podolskaya baptized relatives nieces

Наталья Подольская крестила родных племянниц
The singer celebrated the baptism of girls in a circle of close friends.

Natalia Podolskaya with friends

Photo: Instagram Natalia Podolsky (@nataliapodolskaya )

Yesterday Natalia Podolskaya baptized
my nieces Alexandra and Anastasia in one of the Moscow churches. After
rite singer in the company of sisters Juliana and three close friends
went to the restaurant to celebrate this wonderful event. Podolsky
published on his page in the Network shared the photo of her friends. “Baptized two today
favorite girls Nastia and Sasha,” he signed a snapshot of the star.

Recall that the difference in
age between the son of Natalia
brine shrimp and
her daughters sister Juliana and Sasha
Nastya just two months. Being pregnant, Natalia and her sister wanted their children will play together, grow, and in the future will become real
friends and will support each other. In the house of Podolsk and Presnyakov
I have two extra cots, bought specifically for young Nastya and Sasha.
“And in the yard we made the Playground so children could play there, says
Natalia. — It’s great that they’re the same age! Really want to see how they grow

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