Natalia Podolskaya and her sister rocked that party in the same dress

Наталья Подольская и ее сестра зажгли на вечеринке в одинаковых платьях The singer celebrated its 35th anniversary. Natalia Podolskaya and her twin sister Yuliana invited to the feast of the star friends. Among the guests of the celebration were colleagues of the singer on the project “Factory of stars” Elena Temnikova and Yuliana Karaulova.

On may 20 singer Natalia Podolskaya and her sister-twin of Yuliana said one of two birthday. The young women turned 35 years old.

A party for the occasion they staged in the fashion capital restaurant, serving seafood, La Maree. Natalia Podolskaya was invited to the celebration on the occasion of round date star company. To congratulate the singer and her sister came Inna Malikova, Polina Dibrova, as well as friends Podolsk on the project “Factory of stars” Elena Temnikova, Juliana Karaulova, Mikhail Veselov.

“Congratulations to our Bieber birthday. Our sun, a magical girl, be happy. Always. Every moment. Happy as a wife, as a mother, as an artist. Happy as a girl. Love”, – has signed a snapshot with the birthday girl Elena Temnikova.

It is worth noting that the hero of the occasion came to the party almost in the same dress. And Natalia, and Julian chose tight outfits in the floor of red, which effectively emphasized the slim figure of the sisters. Dresses differed only in small details. So, Natalie one hand was covered by a long sleeve, and the second is naked. Outfit fully Juliana opened her arms and shoulders.

Natalia Podolskaya and her sister had a lot of fun in the company of his friends. Judging by the photos, which you published in microblogs, the festival was a great success. Party members were able to show off their vocals, singing in karaoke known hits.

The sisters gave countless colors. Natalia and Juliana photographed against the backdrop of the bouquets after the party, and it seems that not all of them could fit in the frame. Ended loud party in the early morning.

“Happy birthday, beautiful girls!”, “Happy birthday! Sisters, cutie pie!”, “Health and enthusiasm for the long and happy life! Happiness!”, “Happy birthday! What a cool sister,” he greeted Natalia and Julianna users “Instagram”.

It is worth noting that the 35-year-old Natalia Podolskaya has everything you can only dream of. She has a wonderful family – a loving husband and son, who will soon turn two years. She’s talented, beautiful, enjoys the love of fans and friends. His favorite “party dude”. Why the relationship Podolsk and Presnyakov not as simple as it seems