Natalia Oreiro was urgently hospitalized

Наталья Орейро была срочно госпитализирована The singer had to go to the doctors. Natalia Oreiro was in the hospital with exhaustion, but now her health is not in danger. Previously, the star has repeatedly admitted that taking on too many work projects.

The favourite of the Russian spectators Natalia Oreiro has repeatedly admitted that she loves her work. She starred in several TV shows, writes new songs and touring all over the planet. The star has time to pay attention to the family.

Recently, however, Oreiro was in the hospital due to nervous exhaustion. She became ill before departure to Israel. Because the health of the actress deteriorated, she had to go to the doctors. The experts immediately came to the conclusion that the stars were too rich, and so the body has failed.

Fans were shocked by the news about the hospitalization of Natalia. They were quick to wish the star a speedy recovery.

“So beautiful, 20, 40 years! Hope feel normal, and you will delight us with their performances, She always said a lot of work, so it is not surprising that the body has failed”, “Modern stars can be leveled at Oreiro! Working, as usual, sparing no effort” – opinions of fans of the stars.

Later it became known that Natalia had to cancel several planned concerts. Doctors advised her to rest more and spend a few days in bed. However, fans are confident that the actress will not be able to refrain from meetings with fans.

Earlier Oreiro has repeatedly admitted that he dreams to leave his mark in history. That’s why she takes part in all the exciting projects that she is offered. The actress often comes to Russia, after all, the local fans just love her work and especially the series “Wild angel”.

Despite his busy schedule, the star never complained about his health. Natalia and 40 years seem all the same blossoming beauty. The artist is not shy to spread in social networks pictures without makeup. She doesn’t take advantage of cosmetic procedures and is trying to treat wrinkles as an inevitable tribute to age.

It is unknown whether back Oreiro to Argentina or decided to undergo the rehabilitation process in Israel. By the way, in December 2018, Natalia will perform in Moscow. She often comes to concerts in Russia as domestic fans love her work. Once the star even said that he is going to move to the Russian capital, but has not yet done so.

According to “KP”, doctors advised Oreiro leave. Perhaps after a few days of rest, Natalie returned to active work.