Наталья Орейро погуляла на 59-летии мужа Famous Latin American star and her husband Ricardo Mollo went on a date to a restaurant. Couple happily married for 15 years, despite the fact that evil tongues have already predicted several times, they divorce.

      Singer and actress Natalia Oreiro and her 59 year old husband Ricardo Mollo became the object of attention of foreign photographers. The husband of the star of the series “Wild angel” to celebrate his birthday. Despite the busy schedule, this evening Oreiro and Mollo threw everything and went to one of the local restaurants.

      In the photo you found fans of the Latino singer, Natalia and Ricardo look at each other with adoring looks as if just started Dating. Oreiro could not believe that will be the wife of the famous musician from the band Divididos. The actress is married to a rocker for 15 years, and despite the crises faced by the couple, husband and wife are still together.

      We will remind that Natalia and Ricardo have a son named Merlin Atahualpa. Also the musician has two children from a previous marriage, with whom the actress has found a common language. However, a few years ago, the family Oreiro and Mollo are faced with a betrayal. It was rumored that the singer had an affair with a colleague on the set of Benjamin Vicuña. However, their relationship disintegrated in parallel with the end of the filming of the project “Among the cannibals.” Natalia Oreiro returned to her husband after infidelity

      Have aromaros that Ricardo took the wife back and forgave her fascination with the actor. After this incident Oreiro no longer gave her husband reason to doubt his loyalty.

      “We’re not just husband and wife, but also comrades. He rejoices in my achievements and believes in me more than anyone else. This is important to me because although I am a confident woman, I’m pretty naive and often anxious because of everything. And Ricardo understands me so well that I sometimes wonder. Some things we are very different and others similar. He’s already found himself, and I’m still in the search process. Sometimes we have disagreements, but I think in most cases my fault, because there are boring!”, – told Natalya about relationships with loved ones.

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