Наталья Орейро не поет на английском ради русских фанатов

In an online video chat social network “In contact” star “Wild angel” said that he had refused the offer to record an album in English in order not to disappoint the fans.

Natalia Oreiro arrived to Russia on closing of the Moscow international film festival, where he presented a documentary about his life “Our Natasha”. Yesterday she shone on the red carpet in a dress of your favorite red, and today answered the questions of Russian fans in an online conference. It is recognized that many of them were very interesting. For example, we fell in love her comment on proposals for the recording of the album in Hollywood…

“I was offered to record an album in English, – admitted Natalia Oreiro. But I said, “Why? I sing in Spanish, and my Russian fans also sing in Spanish along with me.

Our Natasha also said she had received many offers of work in Hollywood, but she purposely abandoned them. “I never had goals of becoming a Hollywood actress. Los Angeles is a city of loneliness. I’ve never wanted to live there. I am interested to do other things,” said Oreiro.

A lot of other things to note, the star from Argentina meant his family and Hobbies. Natalia told that as a child dreamed of living on the coast, and recently her dream came true: “When I was a kid, I often pictured myself standing at home on the sea surrounded by flowers and dogs. It was my dream… And now it came true. I have my own plot of land, where I do my garden and have already planted about a thousand trees.”

Natalia Oreiro told about his film “Nasha Natasha” and other projects, which fans will appreciate in the near future.

“I’m a pretty private person, don’t like talking about his personal life. But for the film “Nasha Natasha made an exception. I wanted to share his life so the fans knew me better, met my friends, saw the place where I was born” – said a celebrity. And then added that in the near future will be released film “Gilda” where she played the title role, and her plans to become a Director.

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