Natalia Oreiro: “My son is growing up on Russian fairy tales”

Наталия Орейро: «Мой сын растет на русских сказках»
Exclusive interview of the actress.

Наталия Орейро: «Мой сын растет на русских сказках»

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“I think in a past life I was Russian — smiling star of the series “Wild angel”, actress and singer Natalia Oreiro. — I’m drawn to Russia, and each time I am more in love with your country.

— Natalie, December 7, you again arrive with a concert to Moscow. That time already?

Eighth, tenth… I lost count. After the screening of the TV series “Wild angel”, I receive a mountain of letters from fans from Russia. And as one invited to come. When it happened, I was shocked by how I was greeted. Everything I learned, sang my songs… I knew immediately that you feel incredibly comfortable here. I liked Russian poetry, cuisine, architecture and, of course, the people kind and open. I want to know better your country. So not long ago I arranged a tour of the TRANS-Siberian railway. We drove sixteen cities, everywhere I was met by the fans.

— What was the most original gift from fans?

Oh, a lot of them! Once I even gave my copy of the sculpture in full size. Gave dolls with portraits of members of my family, my embroidered portrait on the cloth, so carefully that from a distance it looked like a photo. I usually come to Russia with two suitcases, and take six. Because gifts are many and I take them home. What surprises me is not doing the fans in Russia! Once printed the photos from my portrait at a concert and put them over our faces: one million turned out Natalia Oreiro!

— You made a documentary film “Nasha Natasha” — love to you Russian fans…

— I wanted to understand the secret of this connection: what happens between them and me. I think the key is that we grew up together: I starred in the TV series, but this series fell in love with… what happened with you when you were young, and still defines you. A strange thing happened: I’m not a very public person, not a family show. But in this movie, filmed for Russian fans, I wanted to show the son of Merlin. No, in a past life I was definitely Russian…

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  • Наталия Орейро: «Мой сын растет на русских сказках»
    Natalia Oreiro

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