Natalia Oreiro has ridiculed the national team of Russia on football

Наталия Орейро высмеяла сборную России по футболу
The singer wants to go on the field instead of one of our athletes.

Наталия Орейро высмеяла сборную России по футболу

Natalia Oreiro


Alexandr Erokhin

Natalia Oreiro on the eve of the world Cup
football arrived in Moscow. Star “Wild angel” found time to act
live sports radio, as the actress is a passionate football
cheerleader. She even recorded a song in honor of the Russian national team and personally
introduced her on the radio. Oreiro confessed that she loves to drive the ball
on the field, and does it so well that they are ready to replace any player
the Russian national team.

“I think to play for the national team of Russia, because
pretty good football. And I say that they are not very good
prepared”, — joked the star radio “Sport FM”.

It is worth noting that the Argentine celebrity has always distinguished
a sharp tongue and boldness in his statements. Her statement caused laughter among
female audience, the presenter stated that the talk about poor preparation
Russian players — lies, and then invited Natalia to choose the
sexy athlete.

A little poumnevshie, she preferred Alexander
Erokhin. “With a beard!” — in pure Russian has explained Oreiro your choice. By the way,
during the broadcast, it had passed to the Russian language, because, in her words,
she understands it and “little talks”.