Natalia Oreiro found in Moscow double of her husband

Наталья Орейро нашла в Москве двойника своего мужа
He was well-known Russian singer.

Photo: Official website of the actress

It is unlikely that it is already necessary to explain after the publication of this photograph. Husband beloved by Russians Argentine actress Natalia Oreiro was like two drops of water similar to our Stas Kostushkin. This drew the attention of journalists. The actress was astonished at this resemblance, and immediately demanded a photo of Stas to show the spouse.

Kostyushkina this fact is also amused. However, he has not decided whom she wants to consider himself a Russian husband Oreiro or lost brother Ricardo Mollo. The star of the series “Wild angel” is much more popular than her husband, but Ricardo is also engaged in music and they definitely would have found a common language…

Anyway, to meet with the ex-soloist of “Tea for two” Natalia did not want to. As it turned out, her husband is very jealous. It is unlikely that he would have liked that Oreiro in Russia, where she comes so very often, spends time with his twin.

“He is very jealous, said Natalia in an interview with channel one. — And I’m not. But I find it easier, he just plays the guitar, he doesn’t need to make out with everyone there in front of the camera…”

By the way, in 2016 Oreiro, who had to love Russia, came to Moscow with her husband and son. With Rikako then they walked together on the red carpet of the MIFF, but You did not removed the black glasses and resemblance to Kostyushkin nobody noticed.