Наталия Орейро призналась, что нашла у себя морщины

The star of “Wild angel” is strongly against plastic surgery. And wants to grow old.

Hard to find a star that would be well loved in Russia, as argentiyskoe singer and actress Natalia Oreiro. The “Wild angel” on earth did not just come to us with a tour, been to the autograph session and gave concerts.

During the next visit to Moscow, Natalia talked about her a few credo. Well, for example, she is not afraid to grow old and totally against plasticheskoi surgery.

“I don’t mind when it helps to restore the face after injury or if the intervention is not very obvious. My mother did lifting and very happy with the result. But I’m an actress and my job is to reflect the emotions on the face, ” said Oreiro in an interview with Glamour. If I imagine something will stick, I’m just incompetent. And who am I to play? Only this aunt who pulled over his face, but this character, I think, a little interesting.

I always choose roles that are appropriate to my age. I still suggest to play twenty years, for example, but I refuse. I’m thirty-nine, and I don’t look twenty, it’s obvious: I have wrinkles and the skin is not elastic. I’m not going to mow a girl. It’s okay to age. So I was genuinely surprised when someone says, “Oh, look how she’s aged!” How did you miss it? And you do? Nowhere.”

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At the same time, according to Natalia, the main secret of her beauty lies in the diet. And how would it not sound surprising, it draws energy from pollen and Echinacea.

“I think it’s important to enjoy life and eat well,” she continued. — I’m a vegetarian for almost eighteen years, so you have to be careful when choosing food to get enough protein. To be a vegetarian – it means all the time to think of what to eat to have enough strength. Of additional sources of energy, I like the pollen and Echinacea. I never go to bed not having removed makeup no matter how tired. Well, take care of the hair. My mother worked as a hairdresser and beauty salon at the same time often served as our living room, so I had seen a child, how to care for hair.”

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