Natalia Oreiro boasted a young mother

Наталья Орейро похвасталась молодой мамой Uruguayan actress and singer appeared on the national award. Natalia Oreiro decided to bring the event to her mother, Mabel. Fans marveled that the mother of celebrity looks.

      Popular Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro on Sunday appeared on music awards Iris in Uruguay. The celebrity decided to go to the event together with mother Mabel. This year the actress won the award for outstanding work in Uruguay and internationally. Throughout the evening, she posed with pleasure with mother in front of many cameras.

      Fans were pleasantly surprised to find that Natalia is incredibly similar to his mother. They also noted that Mabel looks great. The fans are happy to have left enthusiastic comments.

      “Mom is very similar, cool Natalia Oreiro”, “How are they similar”, “They are super,” “Gorgeous,” “Beautiful,” wrote a follower.

      Natalia chose to award a modest outfit – beige blouse with short sleeve and sequins and light pink skirt to the floor. The hair has been completely assembled. Fans noted that she looked very fresh. Mother of actress Mabel gave preference to along black.

      Each picture Natalia Oreiro is causing quite a stir among fans. Not so long ago the actress shared a photo without makeup. Fans were happy to see the natural beauty of a celebrity. Netizens around the world shared this frame with each other. The Natalia Oreiro without makeup blew up the Internet

      Uruguayan singer and actress became popular worldwide after the release of the 90-ies of the TV series “Wild angel”. Now Oreiro regularly travels to different countries with the concerts, which account for a huge number of fans. Regularly artist arrives in Russia. Natalia admitted that loves our country, and therefore would not mind even to live here for a while.

      “I really would like to know the whole of Russia. I think when the world Cup, I will stay here and I will move from town to town. It’s a good idea!” – said Oreiro at the meeting with the fans.

      Also Uruguayan celebrity wants to be fluent in the Russian language. However, she understands that learning can be time-consuming.

      Not so long ago Natalia Oreiro came to Moscow and St. Petersburg for the performance. Some fans even went to meet a celebrity at the airport. Fans of her work so wanted to make a photo for memory that was not paying attention to other people. Natalia Oreiro wowed the audience “naked” outfits

      “Among the Russian people there is such a syndrome as Natalia Oreiro. Symptoms: loss of adequacy, cast on the object, the countless ticking of the valves of the phones to do selfie, uncontrolled behavior. Reflex – the emergence of Natalia Oreiro”, – wrote in social networks from outraged fans.