Наталия Медведева попала в больницу
The actress went for a full check-up of the body.

Photo: Instagram

To contact the clinic Natalya Medvedev decided. To the relief of fans, nothing was disturbed, but she decided to undergo a complete check-up of the body, to warn of possible problems.

“I am attentive to their health: proper nutrition, exercise, yoga, water on a schedule — I know for a long time, — says Medvedev. I always delve into all the tests, procedures, know what, where and how. Now go through the extended Check-Up in Karelia. The doctors are very definitely fall into the problem areas, understand. It’s very cool!»

Several days were needed to check the body of the actress. Fortunately, nothing “terrible” doctors have not found. Natalia leads a healthy lifestyle, and problems like nowhere to take.

Medvedev admits that “took them” only when I saw myself on TV (a girl was playing in a “KVN”). Natalia had delved into the literature on nutrition, learn to hear your body, and as a result has developed the following principles.

First of all, she shared the drink and food: never drinks food and drink liquid half an hour before and after meals. Because lactose intolerance is an actress excluded from the diet all dairy products (this restriction helped her for three months to throw 8 pounds). Medvedev also refused pork and beef, rarely eat chicken and fish.The basis of the diet Natasha dishes of various cereals: porridge of spelt, barley, bulgur, millet cereal on milk, coke, lentil burgers. Medvedev also loves fruit (but not uses them for dessert, but as a separate meal) and vegetables, of which she prepares smoothies. A mixture of celery, Apple, cranberries and honey often replaces her lunch.