Natalia Medvedeva presented the child to the public

Наталия Медведева представила ребенка общественности Comedian shared a touching picture. Natalia Medvedev as little as possible to talk about your personal life. Fans were flattered that she decided to show the closest people.
Наталия Медведева представила ребенка общественности

Star Comedy Woman and “Saturday night” Natalia Medvedev is trying to protect their privacy from prying eyes. For the past five years, the actress is married to fellow games of KVN Alexander Copalum, however she tries not to focus on the family. In 2015 she became the first mother – son Ilya was born abroad.

The celebrity admits that sometimes she wants to share happiness with others, but she does everything to keep this impulse in me. However, Natalia decided to show my son and husband fans. Medvedev has published the frame where Alexander is holding a little Ilya. Apparently, the photo was taken at sunset, but because you just see the silhouettes of her husband and son.

“A bit personal. Just a little bit. Understand, so I want to say, to shout, to show, to explain… But no, better not say anything, will protect, save in the heart”, – wrote in the microblog artist.

Fans were delighted from the fact that Natalia decided to share the scenes of their most loved ones. Some subscribers even surprised that Medvedev has a son. They were sympathetic to her desire not to flaunt personal life.

“Well, right! God grant happiness and health”, “What a beauty. Health and happiness to you and your husband and your baby”, “I knew it you are already parents,” wrote the followers in the comments.

Not so long ago Natalia Medvedev admitted that does in house repair. The artist decided to entrust this work to professionals so that they could implement her idea.

“First understand, then translate and implement (hopefully, soon) our dreams – is worth a lot,” wrote comedian.

Despite the fact that Natalia is quite secretive when it comes to her family, the actress says with great pleasure. She keeps a blog that shares fun memories of childhood. Fans rejoice its history and admire a great sense of humor Medvedeva.