Natalia Medvedeva and Alexander Gudkov told the truth about leaving the WHC

Наталья Медведева и Александр Гудков рассказали правду об уходе из КВН The artists admitted that they were forced to leave the game. Famous comedians have performed in the team “Fedor dvinyatin”. However, after this Natalya Medvedev began working in Comedy Woman, and Alexander Gudkov began to appear in the program Yesterday Live and the “Evening Urgant”.

      Natalia Medvedeva and Alexander Gudkov remembered by the audience to participate in popular television game KVN. They were an unorthodox team “Fedor dvinyatin”, which is loved by many fans of the show. In 2009 the team became the bronze medalists. However, the next season of comedians left the idea to compete for the first place at the festival in Sochi announced they would not participate further.

      Only a few years later Natalia and Alexander spoke about the reason why the team is so long shone on the stage of KVN, despite the love and recognition from the public. As it turned out, even then the humor was dreaming about other projects.

      “I remember how we ran rehearsals with the WHC, the night was out the window so no one knew at the club party Made in Woman (now Comedy Woman), stood there, and then returned as if did not go anywhere,” recalled Natalya.

      Alexander Gudkov added that they could appear wherever they would like. For such offenses was provided for harsh punishment.

      “It’s all punishable, there were such prohibitions: “If you see at parties that are not related to KVN – you are kicked out”. The way it happened,” admitted the humorist after six years.

      Despite the fact that many former participants of KVN with a bright sadness I remember the days when they were involved in the game, Natalia prefers not to look back, and to concentrate on the present.

      “You know, this nostalgia, as people of the army remember, the College years – we are not. We don’t we yearn for the WHC, for me, everything was cool, but now, in my opinion, cooler”, – shared his thoughts the artist in the air “OK!”.

      Despite the fact that Natalia and Alexander have been working in one area and maintain warm and friendly relations, a joint project they start is not yet possible. Medevedeva admits that she does not want to expend energy on organizational issues and pull all on their shoulders.

      Watch a replay of the broadcast with Natalia Medvedeva and Alexander Gudkov will be on Sunday 18 December at 19:00 in the official group show, “OK!” in the “Classmates”.