Natalia Lesnikovskaya revealed the secrets of slim figure

Наталия Лесниковская раскрыла секреты стройной фигуры
The actress told how she manages to stay in top shape.

Наталия Лесниковская раскрыла секреты стройной фигуры

Natalia Lesnikovskaya to participate in fashion
the show designer Natalia Dushegreya “Naked nerves, or time of year — spring,”
chose a rather revealing outfit. The actress and mother of two sons appeared on
the podium in a translucent lace blouse and long black skirt,
demonstrating the advantages of their figure. “The secret of my harmony —
favorite work! — said Natalia Lesnikovskaya — I now
rehearsing two plays at Zentrepreneur and directing and one poetry, poems This
Berkovoy. As well as starring in the TV series “Highway of death” together with Sergey
Makovetskaya, Agnia Kuznetsova and Andrey Merzlikina.

Natalia admits that because of the tight
her schedule for lunch time, but Breakfast, the actress never
refuses. “Usually for Breakfast I have a cheese pancakes, cottage cheese or scrambled eggs, and these
meals I add “Superfoods”: flax seeds and Chia, acai and Goji berries, divided
Lesnikovskaya. And be sure to take in a thermos decoction of rose hips or
ginger water is a great drink for the shape and immunity. And in the car I have
there is always something to eat, because the tubes have to spend a lot of time:
seasonal fruit, nuts and dried fruits.

Also in the show of collection “Bare nerves
or time of year – spring!” was attended by actress Zhanna Epple, Ekaterina, Direktorenko, Yulia Romashina, Irina Lachin, TV presenter Irina
Sasha’s, the champion of Russia on a Golf course, an Olympic champion Maria Verchenova and
other stars.