Natalia Lesnikovskaya profession milkmaid

Наталия Лесниковская освоила профессию доярки
The actress has milked a cow during the fashion show.

Наталия Лесниковская освоила профессию доярки

Natalia Lesnikovskaya

Natalia Lesnikovskaya

Natalia Lesnikovskaya, known for the TV series “Неzлоб” and “the beekeeper”, adopted
participation in an unusual fashion show — fashion show was held in this barn under

“I showed Russian clothing brand together with
professional models and and along with fellow Actresses Lisa
Arzamasova, Irina Lacinai, Elena Ksenofontova participated in a photo shoot in
rustic style in jackets and scarves, said Natalia. — The idea to arrange a screening and
photo shoot in such an unusual place belongs to the author of the collection, the designer Joanna
Nedzvetsky. It was very unusual: very soft and glamorous clothes in pink and
blue tones, decorated with rhinestones, and all this magnificence — amid the goats and
cows. On the farm I milked a cow! I wrote
the yield of milk — half gallon. However, then
hands were aching. Work milkmaids proved very difficult!”

During the trip to the farm star was able to meet with her
inhabitants, and also to taste the freshest milk.

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