Наталья Краско высказалась об интеллекте Ксении Собчак The actress expressed her opinion about the presenter. According to Krasko, socialite intellectual savvy and well educated. However, Natalie tries to stay away from political issues, it is only interested in creativity.
Наталья Краско высказалась об интеллекте Ксении Собчак

For several years, the debate continues around the main St. Petersburg couple – 26-year-old Natalia Krasko and her husband, 86-year-old Ivan Krasko. This unusual Union stirred up the public and made it known to a wide circle. According to most of Natalia, “all the hype around” family not happy with her – she still plays in the theater “Travesti”, engaged in creative work, preparing for his own exhibition of paintings, and recently released an audiobook and a book of poems “We just don’t know how to love”.

“After my first book was not so much the time but the creativity and rushing out of me. I will say more, I already think the third book – which will be a lot of poems dedicated to Ivan Ivanovich and the poem about Jesus Christ. As for audiobooks, there are nine poems, recorded with the famous musician and producer Artem Gladyshev in the St. Petersburg Studio of Hypersound,” said Krasko.
Наталья Краско высказалась об интеллекте Ксении Собчак

Book Krasko can be found in all the bookstores of the two capitals, however, a big presentation she wants to do. “I am an artist, I don’t want to deal with these organizational issues, I give your whole self to work”, – said Krasko.

Communicating with the correspondent of “StarHit” Natalia told that her husband has given a lot to her during this time in terms of communication. They can for a few hours a day to discuss everything from cats Clementine and soccer to art and public issues. So, by them could not be a topic that a few days ago, stirred up the whole Internet – maybe Ksenia Sobchak will go to the presidential election.

“Ivan knew Anatoly Sobchak and his very respect and with reverence speaks of him. I believe Xenia is a very smart man, but from the issues of politicians are trying to refrain,” commented his position Krasko.

But the housing problems of the couple Krasko, which in the summer were discussed by the entire country, Natalia chose not to speak. “Problem solved, because everyone understands that every family should live in your house separately. And we’re working on it,” he told the girl.