Наталья Ионова рассказала фанатам, как она поддерживает ухоженный внешний вид
Now, almost a year Natalia Ionova, better known under the pseudonym of Glucose, leads a video blog that is shared with fans beauty secrets.

Наталья Ионова рассказала фанатам, как она поддерживает ухоженный внешний вид

Natalie tells the girls how to choose clothes, apply makeup. Recently, the singer disclosed her beauty secrets, told about what she does to maintain a well-groomed appearance.

“Go to bed as early as possible. From 11 p.m. to four o’clock in the morning in the skin produces maximum the hormone melatonin, which actively fights stress. While you are asleep, skin cells are renewed.

Only by trial and error to find “your” cosmetics. Consult with the beauticians, read reviews on forums. And skin to look fresh, use the mask before going to sleep. Especially good cleansing mask and moisturizing. Moisture fills the cells, strengthening them and improving skin tone.

Remember the fun song “From the smile will brighten all”? Start your morning with a smile! After all, to communicate with people whose always in a bad mood — not a pleasant occupation.

Limit the consumption of harmful products: sugar, salt, spices, coffee. Eat often and little by little, do not overeat. Minimize heat-treated products: vegetables, fruits, and grains is a lot of useful substances for the body. Therefore, try as much as possible to expose them to heat treatment. And try to cook steamed or grilled.

Sign up for some dance classes. Not in order to lose weight and to feel sexy and graceful. Classes belly dancing or pole dance — that’s where you feel yourself a real woman,” said the artist.

Everyone in these boards to find something that suits her.

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