Natalia Ionova talking about bans husband

Наталья Ионова заговорила о запретах мужа The singer openly admitted that the husband was jealous of her attempts to act in films. When the woman first received a proposal to participate in the filming, her choice had rejected the script because it contained sex scenes. After almost ten years the artist was not invited to film projects.

      Наталья Ионова заговорила о запретах мужа

      Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova became the heroine of the program “Cinema in the details” with Fyodor Bondarchuk. During the conversation about the new film “Transformer” in which the actress starred with the star of Comedy Club Alexander Revva, the presenter asked where the singer had the desire to be an actress. Natalie did not hide the fact that dreamed about it since childhood. In 2006 she was invited to star in the film “Love in the city”, where the scenario from celebrity has an affair with the character of Alexei Chadova.

      Gluk’oza stood up for Paulina Andreeva

      Ionova said that he was happy to receive the invitation. When she was handed the script, she decided to consult with her husband and showed him the material. Alexander was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that his wife will have to kiss another man. The very thought of it gave Chistyakov alone so he demanded that the wife refused the role.

      “I have always been interested. I just never called. I was once called. I am married Alexander Chistyakov. He read the script, he saw that there need Chadov to kiss, everything! It was a trilogy, role which went not to me,” said the artist.

      The singer revealed that the Director Marius Weisberg wanted to Ionova participated in making the film. However, after its failure, he said that will shoot the woman in the other tape, which is too early to say. And now, after almost ten years Natalia got the main role in the “Transformer”. She does not hide that insanely pleased to have the opportunity, because she dreamed about it for years.

      Celebrity tries as much time to devote to his career. She always wants the attention of viewers, every time she seeks to win the audience over by presenting her something new. This need, according to Ionova, exists because the house of her husband behaves a little differently, men have a different strategy in relations with his wife.

      “It is a place that you want to do everything. Not getting enough attention, spouse and I did not give attention to, he sees mostly always. I need attention, poznanie, I need love. I love spectators, I love it when I go on stage, and the audience thinks, “Well, come on, surprise!” . My job is my life”, – said the singer in the program.

      During the conversation, Gluk’oza has also announced that it has decided to continue the cooperation with the producer Maxim Fadeev. They plan to record new music hit in the near future to present to his listeners. It seems that this work will help the fans understand what we have achieved celebrity. The artist is intrigued, saying that never before did not dare to make such a bold for myself, experiments in music.