Наталья Ионова отреагировала на критику из-за «голых» нарядов
The singer explained why not to dress modestly.

Natalia Ionova

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

Natalia Ionova said Hayter criticism because of her appearance. The singer known for his love of provocative outfits, which often cause public outrage. For artist costs nothing to go out in see-through dress without underwear, or choose a red carpet outfit with a daring neckline. Natalia assured: she dresses like her want, and she sees no need to rely on the opinion of others.

“Yes, I sometimes dress up openly, but only on various red carpets events and shooting because I believe that it is stylish and beautiful.At home and in everyday life, I go without make-up, socks and to be honest, my man often outraged about this that he gets the maximum naturalness. But! First and foremost, I’m experimenting with bows for you and of course for yourself. For you, because I like to be out in public, probably why I became an artist. But for myself, because I like my body.

I am finally in harmony with myself. As a child I wore three pairs of tights in order for the gap between my skinny legs have decreased (I prela, sweating, but tolerated). And now I finally feel like a woman, feel sexy. I like my figure, chest, legs. I like to wear beautiful things. I like to decorate things themselves: not that the thing was adorned with me, and I was decorated with a different dress!” — Natalya told.

In addition, Natalia has declared to fans that she has no problems with her husband in private life. Thus the performer knows whether it can afford such provocations in 15 years, so, as they say “catches the moment”. Those who continue to be dissatisfied with how she looks she just advised her not to look.