Natalia Ionova congratulated her husband with a birthday

Наталья Ионова поздравила мужа с днем рождения

Today, January 25, Natalia Ionova has devoted a large letter to her husband Alexander, who on this day celebrates its 45 years.

Наталья Ионова поздравила мужа с днем рождения

“You know, this time I would like to congratulate you not only as your wife and the mother of your children. And to Express my incredible respect and emphasize your fundamental human quality” of the beginning of the post Natalia.

“The longer I live with you and see how you feel about yourself and others, the more you realize that you are exceptional. Such, so to speak, is not punched. First and foremost, you’re a very decent person, and know that not only I, but those who had business with you. You’re a man of words, of responsibility.” continued the singer Gluk’oza.

The singer said that her husband is not perfect and can afford to be sharp. Despite this, she is very fond of him. “Maybe you can be harsh, but this is typical of people who take responsibility and carry it to the end. Exactly the same you in the house — a real man, who raised an incredible stove, and even at which almost all women. Every you think is special and extremely loved. You never ask nothing in return.” says Natalia.

“Well, of course, your Love for me. I can feel how it is limitless! She is the absolute! You accept me for who I am, but it always set me on growth, confidence in their own abilities. Maybe you’re not always able to tell me from his natural shyness, you’re not showering me with compliments without end! But you never allowed me to doubt the sincerity of your feelings. Thank you I have my favorite Person!!! I’m sure everyone who knows you, will agree with me!” he ended his letter on a social network Ionova and wished her husband a “smaller fight”, lack of “small people nearby” and to do their work.

We will remind that Natalia Ionova and Alexander Chistyakov married 17 Jun 2006. The couple has two children together — daughters Lydia and Faith.

In an interview for the magazine Hello! the singer told about the education of children, future family plans, and prohibitions on the Internet.
“The daughters, no phones, no tablets, because we want to see in their lives in the first place was my childhood and friends.” says Natalia about their hard way of education. The singer forbids children to use the Internet and create pages in the social. networks. The star understands that virtual space spoils the child. Any attempt to create a page in social networks, the Glucose crosses the. “Yeah, she’s ten, but she’s still sleeping with soft toys. Says at school tease her for it. And I think it’s just wonderful when a child remains a child.” says the singer.