Natalia Guseva remarried

Наталья Гусева снова вышла замуж
Actress Natalia Guseva came to prominence after starring in the film “guest from the future” at 12 years of age.

Наталья Гусева снова вышла замуж

In 1993, she officially registered the marriage with Denis Murashkevich, who was able to win the heart of a star. Natalia gave wife a charming daughter Ales.

But in 2001, the marriage, the actress split up, but the couple could remain friends.

Наталья Гусева снова вышла замуж

And that’s after 16 years after the divorce, Gusev decided to tie the knot with her lover Sergei Ambinder.

“She lived some years with Sergei Ambinder, then they are officially married. They have a great family life,” said Alexander, administrator of the sites of fans of the actress.

Wish spouses many years together!

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