Наталия Гулькина: «Без кота и жизнь не та» The actress was invited to “StarHit” to visit and put up a Christmas tree with your favorite pet. Natalia gulkin shared a story in her family of furry animals and told me what they mean to her.

      Наталия Гулькина: «Без кота и жизнь не та»

      Pets Natalia Gulkin become real stars “Instagram”. The singer regularly shares photos of Pets with subscribers. They have it three: velour Chanel Scots and the Dollar and the British luxury color chinchilla named Gabriel. Natalia invited “StarHit” to his country house, where he set up a Christmas tree this year. Whiskered Pets, too, were adorned with.

      “A childhood dream to have cats, − told the “StarHit” Natalia. The child was dragged off the street all. However, my grandmother, with whom I then lived, always return animals back. Thought: “Grow up and have”. But then began touring, son was born. However, my mother lived a white cat with different eyes. It gave the composer Oleg Molchanov, who wrote many hits for me. Kotaku was adored, and I subsequently got himself too white!”

      Наталия Гулькина: «Без кота и жизнь не та»

      Two years ago, gulkin was preparing for the anniversary and sewed for a designer Andrey Ponomarev, a series of festive costumes. The birthday of Natalia in the winter – 20 Feb.

      “Went to try on countless times, recalls the singer. Andrei – lived cat breed, which soon gave birth to four kittens, but only two, brother with sister, survived. They were called Bucks and Chanel. Once arrived with my daughter. Ian saw the offspring and said, “That would be us!” Andrew heard it. It took a month and a half. Somehow asking, “Well, the owners found?” “Yes. She’s a beautiful woman, loves animals. Natalia gulkin name.” The daughter began to persuade: “Mom, I’m going to take care of them!” Don’t know what I bribed, but house realized that cats love. The dollar and Anelka quickly caught on. No wonder they say that without the cat and not the life. So much comfort and warmth from them.”

      A year ago, the company joined Gaby. Gulkin stumbled upon a page of the St. Petersburg British Shorthair cattery in Instagram.

      “The breeder was interested in what breed my babies, and strongly suggested to look to the British, says the star. She lived a white cat with green eyes. At first I thought it was photoshop. But she said that there are still and blue, now just have this. Offered to come to see. I was scheduled to tour in the Northern capital. The Director said that after the concert, I need to visit. Arranged a car, I left. The next day, right to the station I brought up the baby with all inquiries. The team was shocked − I had my third child. In the train she was acting unusually quiet.”

      And here at home, Chanel and the Bucks took the third friend. “They looked at him with a share of contempt, they say, cornered some blonde − continues Natalia. And Habik, guy, went where he wanted. Chanel had not yet neutered, he began to molest her. She was offended and three days did not eat or drink. A week later, all adapted to it. Now rush together “hunting” for pigeons through the window. They say that three is a lot. Will smell and dirt. But we don’t have. The main thing – to follow and to clean up. By the way, tinsel began to hide. Baksika loves to eat silver rain, and Anelka – chew lanterns. The last tier of the tree now is decorated with plastic toys, because one day the bottom – naked. Cats paws churning balls and rolled around the house”.