Natalia Gulkina went into business

Наталья Гулькина занялась бизнесом The singer with their hands obkleivat dresses with sequins and Swarovski. Natalia gulkin told about how he decided to start his own business. The singer is so confident in the strength and success of the project that is going to go global.
Наталья Гулькина занялась бизнесом

Friends of the singer Natalia Gulkina sometimes joke that she suffers from a disease called “kamushka-mania”. Indeed, the singer loves all the shiny, bright, and each of her concert costume is a work of art. For many years the artist’s own hands creates stage outfits. A year ago, the star decided to turn a favorite hobby into a profitable business.

“My life is a stage and the stage loves glitter, – has shared with “StarHit” Natalia. Starting his career on the professional stage in the popular group “Mirage”, and then “Stars”, I didn’t see myself in anything else as in brilliant and iridescent costumes. But the times were difficult, so I had to invent, to dream and to go on stage in a makeshift straps of my grandmother’s brooches, to alter her mother’s clothes, to sew shiny buttons and sequins”.

The actress said that because of the shortage of outfits and shoes she had to improvise. It was already pretty known artist, but nonetheless, had not appealed to the designers.

Наталья Гулькина занялась бизнесом“Later, when I started performing solo, I wanted to dress up even brighter! But beautiful shoes were not on sale, and then I had my first experience as masters of their own costumes. I bought the shoes in the store, took the rhinestones, glue, and a couple of days made luxurious footwear that olalala its beauty and Shine. Then I also taped a Swarovski dress, and it caused a sea of delight from the audience. I’m always looking to meet talented people close to me in spirit, just like me, lovers of stone, sequins, pearls, sequins in order to unite and work together beautiful costumes, shoes, headpieces, and many, many other things,” recalled Natalie.
Наталья Гулькина занялась бизнесом

Gulkin’ve been advised to open his own shop, but she couldn’t find the time is the right time. Two years ago Natalia was once again flipping through the tape’s Instagram and came across a page designer Polina Kolesnikova. Started a correspondence with the same interests. It turned out that behind the masters – years of work with embroidery and a deep fascination with the history of fashion. For many years she worked creating unique costumes for the troupe of ballerinas and Opera Theatre of Belarus. Also worked on the costumes for the ballet “the Nutcracker, or another Christmas story” at the invitation of the art Director of the Cooper Yury Leonidovich and choreographer Alexandra Tikhomirova. Polina is one of the few specialists in Russia who are able to work in a wide range encrusted with Swarovski crystals, embroidery, pearls, stones, sequins, beads.

“After some time with Pauline we met in person – continues gulkin. – I know, that together we can make the dream a reality! We recently opened a Studio under the name Maison Paillette, which means “the House of sequins”. Over the name conjured sister Pauline in the United States is engaged in the millinery business. She made the headpiece for Lady Gaga.

In the future we also plan to go global. In the spring we’re going to meet representatives of the company Swarovski. Now our Studio is working on the principle – tape rhinestones are what you want, even on iron. That is, you bring us a thing, Express your wishes, and we work. There was a case when trimmed train wedding dresses length of 9 meters. Embroider pattern with rhinestones. The cost in each case is different. All individually”.