Natalia gulkin was the victim of an earthquake in Kamchatka

Наталия Гулькина стала жертвой землетрясения на Камчатке
Before there was news that the Pacific ocean had a serious earthquake, which was magnitude reached 6.7.

Наталия Гулькина стала жертвой землетрясения на Камчатке

At that time in Ust-kamcatsk has conducted the concert, which was attended by Natalia gulkin.

The audience, feeling the aftershocks, was frightened and began to run out of the room. But the singer showed courage, and after a short pause came to continue your room.

“It’s all coming back? Cheers, all! All over! All continues! Importantly, the flashlight some never fell. There you have to drop something nothing. Well, two balls, think. And we see that hanging out 800 kilos each. Well, if that is you then rescue us, too – we don’t know where to go. You are then all organized themselves and rushed to the exit. I thought the hatcheck girl came and you decided to take a coat! Of course, to dance, to coat something hot” – talking with guests Natalia during a break.

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