Наталья Гулькина пытается сохранить молодость
The singer showed his photo without makeup.

Natalia Gulkin

Photo: @gulkina_natalia (Instagram Natalia Gulkina )

What tricks just do not go our celebrities to
look younger and slimmer. So, Natalia Gulkina has found a way to refresh the skin on the face. The effect is so
amazing that someone who’s not even afraid to be photographed without makeup. “Girls
dare to take a picture without makeup. Try Patches under eyes and nosulenko, they
you can use every day, ” says the singer. — Time does not spare us and so we have
to resort to different tools”. Patches under eyes patches,
impregnated with a special liquid,
components which moisturize the skin, smooth
wrinkles, remove puffiness and bruises from lack of sleep.

We will remind, Natalia gulkin not so long ago has become a leading
the program I’m losing weight!” The singer plays the role of a friend and mentor participants,
desperate to overcome the extra weight. In the Arsenal star has accumulated a lot
tips on how to motivate women to lose weight. After one bite she got rid of
20 extra pounds, however, it took her a whole year! My story
the weight gain is trivial, like thousands of other stories. Giving all of myself, all my
power to the popularization of the team, to which I dedicated most of his
life, and after leaving him, I was so depressed that did not notice that
overweight, seizing the betrayal and resentment”.

“I can’t say that eating with
morning till evening, however, allowed himself to relax: eating salads in mayonnaise,
fried meat, potatoes, cakes — all of which greatly contributes to the set
weight. But I never thought about it. For two years, I unwittingly gained 20 kg.
My concert costumes sat on me like a drum, and some even
stopped to zip up. Of course, I was very upset, but to indulge in
the food could not. But seeing something on screen in the show “Live sound” in the form of a ball,
I was horrified! And then decided that need to lose weight!” — said gulkin in a special category, where the stars share their beauty secrets.

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