Natalia gulkin rescued a dog from under the wheels of the car

Наталия Гулькина спасла собаку из-под колес автомобиля
The singer has cured the unfortunate dog and found the owners.

Natalia Gulkin

Photo: from personal archive

Natalia gulkin was saved from certain
the death of the dog. The dog ran onto the roadway from the Park and was under
the wheels of a careless motorist. Hearing the sound of impact and piercing
screeching to the dog out of the house, Natalia ran towards the victim. Girl
hit the dog, refused to go to the clinic because of lack of time and
unwillingness to spoil a bloody, dirty dog salon of the car.
Money for treatment she also were not provided, but a passer-by male,
walking with a dog, knowing Natalia, offered financial
help. The singer has called her friend
the victim sat in his car, and the girl was urgently hospitalized
animal to the veterinary clinic. Gulkin insisted on conducting full
medical examination of the dog. X-rays and ultrasound showed that the dog batted
internal organs, particularly the bladder and the dog will need
long-term treatment.

The dog was not
homeless under shaggy white coat gulkin found a collar, which, however, was not specified contacts. Then the artist
began to search for masters and temporary shelter for a new friend
who was named Lucky — lucky. Lead the dog up to him, the artist is not
could the house have Natalia live with three cats, so the singer was forced
to give a cry for help in my Instagram. The poor guy left at the clinic
overexposure, however, the next day through social networks is already found
the owners of the dog and the family reunited.”Lucky-lucky
named White went home, wrote Natalia in his microblog. —
Fuse dog in your heart, may God grant him more not to get lost. Thank you all
caring people, love one another!”