Наталья Гулькина наказала любимого за предательство
The singer presented the new clip.

Наталья Гулькина наказала любимого за предательство

Наталья Гулькина наказала любимого за предательство

Natalia gulkin presented to the public the ambitious video for the song “Suffocate”
popular composer Alexey Malakhov. Colorful and fascinating
video with beautiful landscapes and copyright suits — the result
joint duet of Natalia’s work with the St. Petersburg group ILLUS!`I
(Illusion). Girl became famous thanks to the television project
“Battle of choirs”, where their mentor was producer Victor Drobysh.

the mini-movie, and this is the name for this video, the singer appeared in
the image of the Siren, watching the world through the mirror. The girls tried on
on the role of the mermaids. The shooting took place in the desert and on the shore
fantastically beautiful lagoon with turquoise water.

“Suffocate” is a symbiosis of different directions and genres explained
Natalia. — Here is the classic love story in the backdrop of picturesque
scenery and elegant costumes, as if just taken from the characters
“Disney” and the hit tune. But! Those who can read between the lines
see its the ambiguity. And the pun is that behind the illusions
fairy tales clearly Shine cabalistic slogans and laws
today’s popular esoteric movements, working on the principle “what
you sow, so shall you reap.” The hero of the video, apparently, “wise books”
did not read. You can not say about the girls.”

video by Vitalij Kapitonov, known for work with
current project of St Petersburg “Narimono Theophanes.” The authors ideas and
script – Juliana Tolmacheva and Svetlana Voronina (ILLUS!`I), the idea
costumes and images of group ILLUS!`I, implementation and creativity — Pauline

create costumes inspired by popular Pinterest app,” admitted the costume designer and prop maker Polina Klyueva. It
we have made a selection of the hottest destinations in the world on the topic of mermaids.
Added some latex and sequins, dyed her hair pastel
shades, considering the nature of each of the girls, and then had only
get used to the role. By the way, on the set each image was created
about three o’clock.”

of the most striking accessories of mermaids steel crown, created based on sketches
Chelsea Shils Melbourne girls who blew up the Internet with their crowns in
marine style. In Russia the model is available for the first time. Separate
noteworthy is the way Natalia Gulkin-inspired character
Charlize Theron — Queen Ravenna from disney tales. The idea of some
costume elements Polina came up together with the specialists of the company
Maison Paillette, specializing in the production of things, decorated
semi-precious stones.

the unique style of the heroes we have helped the world’s fashion designers — recognized
girls. – This work of Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood,
and the best models presented on the catwalks of high fashion around the world.
Fashion house August_van_der_walzА and pearl beads from Alexander Titkova
(aleksandr_titkov )in General, we are very happy that we had
the opportunity to work together with Natalie, we love her work and know
many of the songs by heart. And notice how the name of our group
echoes of the, where he started his career Natasha — that’s for sure

would really like to see after watching this clip everyone in the audience
could think, after the example of a love story we showed the main
the laws of life and what can happen if they break — added
Natalia. — Of course, there are disappointments and betrayals, but we need to be able
to forgive, first and foremost, themselves. After all, the real beauty sees
only one who is able to love!”