Natalia gulkin prepares for the fifth wedding

Наталья Гулькина готовится к пятой свадьбе
The famous showman promised the singer to find a good husband.

Natalia gulkin was married four times, but none of the wedding singer there was a white dress. On the recording of the program Andrey Malakhov star lamented
traditional wedding dresses in her life, unfortunately, was not. “All
it will be the fifth wedding and white dress. Find a husband,” — said Malakhov. The presenter promised to participate
the fate of people’s favorite.

Also to his benefit in the program “Let them talk”
Gulkin told about the phenomenal weight loss. Thanks to the power of Michael
Gavrilova, the singer for eight months, has lost 25 kg.

A few years ago gulkin desperate
to lose weight, no diet could help her, moreover, the weight only increased. But
after a consultation with the dietician, the singer began to keep a food diary and
reference calorie. “I had to exclude all fatty, fried, mayonnaise. But
the main thing was to keep the “corridor of calories,” says gulkin. My
the norm at the initial stage were 1000-1200 calories a day. Now from 1200 to 1500
kcal. That is not to eat less numbers and more for the second. It all
quite tedious, difficult and hard, especially considering I’m the Candyman”. Now
for Gulkin proper nutrition is the norm. However, a food diary singer
already does not.