Natalia gulkin lost 20 pounds

Наталия Гулькина похудела на 20 килограммов
The singer took a year to throw off excess weight.

Natalia Gulkin


Natalia gulkin not so long ago became the host of the program “I
lose weight!”. The singer plays the role of a friend and mentor participants, desperate
to overcome the extra weight. In the Arsenal of the singer
accumulated a lot of tips on how to motivate women to lose weight. After one bite she got rid of the 20
extra pounds, however, it took her a whole year!

“The program I am the same person who can and praise and
regret, when the girls tears are flowing from my eyes, and at the same time scold,
what they are not doing the job of a nutritionist or a trainer. Because I’m like no
I know that in this situation, if someone doesn’t give a kick, then all efforts will come to nothing.
So I then bad, then good COP — says Natalia gulkin about your role as a presenter. — My story of weight gain banal, like thousands of other stories. Giving all of himself, all his strength to popularize
team, to which I dedicated most of his life, and after retiring from
him, I was so depressed that he didn’t notice how overweight,
seizing the betrayal and resentment. I can’t
to say that eating from morning till evening, however, allowed himself to relax: eating
salads with mayonnaise, fried meat, potatoes, cakes — everything that very much
contributes to weight gain. But I never thought about it. For two years I unnoticed to
yourself gained 20 lbs. My concert costumes sat on me like a drum, and
some even stopped to button. Of course, I was very upset, but
to indulge in food could not. But seeing something on screen in the show “Live
sound in the form of a ball, I was horrified! And then decided that need to lose weight!”.

the program gulkin will tell you how to eat, what lifestyle to lead, as
sports. “I’ll try to
example to motivate and energize the participants and viewers to find their
new body. And in addition I will myself continue to overcome themselves,” said gulkin.

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