Наталья Гулькина худеет к юбилею
By the autumn the singer needs to lose weight to 58 kg.

Natalia Gulkin

Photo: Vladislav Volkov

Natalia gulkin continues strenuously to lose weight. The singer has already
took off 25 pounds thanks to diet
Mikhail Gavrilov, but to achieve ideal weight, she still needs to lose another five pounds. “I
I want to see in the balance, digit 58-59
pounds. This is the weight where I feel good and great
look,” — said the singer. Any plans to come in perfect shape for the remaining summer months, after the fall, she planned a big tour in the country. So Natalia will celebrate the 30th anniversary of his creative activity.

Close friends believe that the jubilee tour, the singer no problem
work to achieve a good result,
indeed, it has long adhere to proper nutrition.

It is worth noting that a few years ago gulkin
desperate to lose weight, no diet could help her, moreover, the weight only increased. But after a consultation with the dietician, the singer began to keep a food diary
and guide calories. “Had to be excluded
all fatty, fried, mayonnaise. But the main thing was to keep the “corridor
calories,” says gulkin. My norm at the initial stage was 1000-1200
kcal a day. Now from 1,200 to 1,500 kcal. That is not to eat less the first
numbers and more for the second. It’s all rather tedious, difficult and hard, especially
given that I am the Candyman”. Now for Any proper diet – is the norm. However, the diary
power the singer is not the lead.

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