Natalia gulkin explained why spoiled son

Наталия Гулькина объяснила, почему баловала сына Singer bombarded with baby gifts. In the period when the group “Mirage” gave several concerts in one city, the son of the soloist of the ensemble Natalia Gulkin stayed long without a mother. Coming back, she always brought him Goodies. Now the star recalls this with a knowing smile.
Наталия Гулькина объяснила, почему баловала сына

Natalia gulkin began touring as the lead singer of “Mirage” in 1986. She was 22 years old, and her son from her first marriage to Alexei was barely two. Pop career Gulkin, graduate school of communication, began unexpectedly. Natalia, being a young wife and mother, went to the local house of culture, where he studied vocals – in fact, just singing in different genres. There she met a girl named Svetlana Razina, which in turn brought Gulkin with the composer and keyboardist Andrey Lithium. The musician in that period acted as producer and created a fashion group “Mirage”. He recorded several songs with Margaret Shekinah, but she refused pop career, because I dreamed about the Opera. Lityagina unprofessional but clear voice Gulkin liked. He persuaded her to record a few songs, and then disappeared.

Now Natalia says that not even assumed that the record of songs you pay money, so reacted to the disappearance Lityagina quietly. It was a pity not to listen to the finished composition. But then she still heard through someone’s open window. It turned out, they had already circulated and actively twist. Gulkin, at the insistence of a friend went to a DK, then another and there it sang written songs. So, Lityagina had yet to take the young artist to the group.

“I lit up and Razin called and said to come. Of course any group for me to take was not going, it needed my voice, and to speak was long-legged, Busty beauty,” recalled Natalie.
Наталия Гулькина объяснила, почему баловала сына

So, almost by accident, for the young mother Gulkin began an active touring schedule. The trip was always long, for several months. And now gulkin says the program “When all the houses “with a sad smile, how hard she was released son.

“Went on tour for a long time. Alex grabbed his leg, mommy don’t go. I brought him toys. It was an attempt to bribe”, – says Natalia.
Наталия Гулькина объяснила, почему баловала сына

Now Alex Gulkin 33 years old, a young man still in search of himself, wants to finally shoot their movies. He says he doesn’t hold a grudge against my mom because, when he grew up, she became his to carry on tour, and he was able to see many cities and countries. Gulkin notices that her youngest child, daughter Joanna, born from third husband dancer Sergey Mandrik, less fortunate, she was educated at home, rarely went out with my mom. It is worth noting that the star gave birth to a daughter in 1999. Then she toured already less intense.

By the way, with the fathers of their children gulkin has managed to maintain a friendly relationship after the divorce.

Наталия Гулькина объяснила, почему баловала сына

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