Наталья Громушкина рассталась с мужем The actress has been married with his colleague Ilya Obroncow more than six years. In marriage they had a daughter, Iliana, actor assumed the responsibility of raising the older child Natalia Gromushkina – 13-year-old son proud. But recently, the artists have decided to separate in different apartments.
Наталья Громушкина рассталась с мужем

The star of the show “the City of temptations” and the musical “Chicago” Natalia Gromushkina was in official relations with his colleague Ilya Obroncow more than six years. The couple shared five year old daughter Eliana, as well as an older child Actresses – a 13-year-old son proud. However, a few months ago, Natalia and Ilya decided to leave.

“It so happened that our marital relationship has gradually exhausted itself, – commented on the “StarHit” Gromushkina. – We both are still young and will meet a new love. Ilya remained friends. We will work together to raise our little girl, just going away in different apartments. In June, the whole family celebrated the birthday Iliana. And last week I went on an annual all-Russian festival of visual arts in children’s center “Eaglet”. As the Director was preparing the opening ceremony, which was dedicated to the anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky. With son and daughter at this time was ex-husband. We often call each other, consult with each other on some issues, especially when it comes to creative projects or children. Dad spends a lot of time with Ilinoi, often brings her all sorts of gifts, Goodies, but she lives with me.”

Natalia marriage with Obroncow the second account. The first spouse Gromushkina was the actor Alexander Domogarov with whom the relationship lasted five years.

Наталья Громушкина рассталась с мужем

It should be noted that Gromushkina became the third wife of Alexander Domogarova. Their marriage did not last long, but managed to make a lot of noise in the press. Natalia attributed Domogarova paternity in relation to her first child, the Proud. People’s artist refused to acknowledge the boy and I decided to take a DNA test that proved he is not the son Gromushkina irrelevant.

12 Jul Domogarova will be 55 years old. The last actual wife stars of the series “Turkish March” was no less famous actress Marina Aleksandrova. Artists had relations in 2005-2007. Domogarov rarely talks about her personal life, but to share with fans the latest news with regards to creativity. A few days ago, the actor has organized a commemorative evening “Return”, photo from the event, the artist has published in the Network.

“It’s hard, but driving,” – said Alexander after the evening.