Наталья Горожанова отказала Алексею Воробьеву в интиме Participant of “the Bachelor,” and explained why they decided not to have sex during the project. According to Natalia Gorohovoj, her upbringing did not allow her to spend the night in the arms of the artist, as it could see thousands of viewers.

      Despite the fact that the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor” ended in early June, rumors about the relationship of the finalists of the project with Alexei Vorobyov continues. Many even decided that Natalia Garaganova secretly meets with the artist, as they often see the same events. The girl said that she was with Alex out of the way and revealed details about the relationship with the singer in the latest series of the show.

      The sparrows had previously admitted that he was ready to marry Natalia Gorohovoj, but she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Finalist of “the Bachelor,” Natalia Garaganova: “I shouted that I don’t love him.” The majority of fans believed that this girl is perfect Alex. And some assume that they even had passionate sex within the project.

      “The whole country saw that we were kissing. But we never had sex. It could not be! I could not afford,” – said Natalia.

      According to Gorohovoj, it had not entered into intimacy with the idol of thousands of girls, as knew that everything that happens on the show sees the whole country, and upbringing did not allow her to behave in front of millions of viewers. After “the Bachelor” Alex and Natalia parted good friends, and the girl has his number, and they often see each other at social events. However, despite these coincidences, neither of which romantic relationship out of the question.

      “My dreams and plans in any case are not associated with the Alex. I do not see continuation of our relations. We have different views on life, we are different people,” said the model.

      Participation in the project TNT brought Gorohovoj wildly popular. The number of subscribers in her Instagram has increased several times. “Name was even “House-2”, I laughed but did not answer – not mine. My dream is to get a project similar to “the Last hero”. I have more than before, commercial proposals for advertising the shoot. Work closely with multiple brands,” said Natalia about his plans in an interview with “TV Program”.

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